Our activities started with the production of decorative lighting products in 1984, following a continuous improvement, and a well known brand name to the world level has been used in transport effort. Songul Lighting Turkey is one of the largest manufacturers. And exports to many countries around the world. R & D activities in our production almost continuously following technological developments with lightning speed efficiency We endeavor to increase slightly each year. All our products are ISO, TUV and CE standards, appropriate lighting solution for every space, professional staff, architects and developed together with the employer making the exchange of ideas. You trade the services we consciously try to give to our belief that it is an inevitable rule to exist is the key to our success so far. Our company projects parsed with a professional team, in a peaceful environment and ensure the correct lighting is fitted with the essential places. For this purpose, any requirement to respond to the wealth of products are available at hardware and Songul Lighting. This direction in our world, in Europe and especially in our country, we are a preferred brand in the Middle East, adding artistic approaches to the mysteries of light, we are proud and happy to grow with the right steps.

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