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We are a trading company in Turkey and we can help you to find the best producers in the field of construction materials and electronic accessories. Kindly please write to us if you have any requests from Turkey.
Our Target to Provide High quality LED lighting products, Keep developing and introducing new products based on the fast improving LED technology. LED Lighting still in the initial stages and no international Standards to organize this new industry. We started developing our own procedures and standards to be able to built high quality LED Lighting product. During the first 3 years we tested too many products and communicate with too many LED raw materials suppliers and invented our own standards and procedures. At the begging of 2013 we launch our Spot light with (3 levels) which has been very successful comparing with the biggest famous brands (BULLMANN from Germany, GE (china), OSRAM (China), Philips (China), Toshiba) the result was exceeding our expectation, More product had been developed & launched after that like (downright, LED tube, bulb)
Marled Aydinlatma Sanayi started its business life with the leadership of Turkish management team in China in 2007. Locating in Guzhen Zhongshan which is known as city of lighting products, company started custom manufacturing for lots of well known brands in ceiling and wall mounted lighting fixture categories. Because of receiving positive compliments on its custom manufactured products and service quality from lots of brands in export activities from China to abroad and significance of having brand, company created its first brand BIOLED in Turkey in 2015. Today company continues to manufacture in its factory, located on 5000 m2 area in Kahramanmaras. Operating both in China and Turkey with its more than 200 employees, company gives services with its lots of sales points over Turkey, Europe and Africa and one-to-one exchange guarantee.
Light is technically difficult and surprising with its different and constantly evolving disciplines. Beyond art and technical application, lighting design integrates visibility and necessity properly. Besides the design of disciplines about light, lighting design as a part of project design team aims to provide added value via increasing project’s general success. Lighting design gives different advantages in process of building and designing thanks to consultant’s independency: Usage of technologic and technical knowledge, Producing solutions which gives financial advantage.
With over 30 years experience in the electronics industry team; efficient, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing as possible with the new generation of lighting in the era of the electronic chip material, the lighting industry has been focused on. This experience fully reflect the products and customers a reliable brand is proud to serve. GATEK; with reference to the functional lighting standards: The light on the living biological, physical and psychological effects, aesthetic indoor and outdoor use, place and purpose is to design products according to. The most efficient, aesthetic and durable lighting solutions, to produce quality investments in R & D and experienced team continues full speed. Every day by the addition of a new technological products, GATEK has been the adres and the brand of lighting. Products are grouped under two main categories. Interior Lighting Offices, Shops, Warehouses, Factories, Indoor Sports Arenas Outdoor Lighting Streets, Open Spaces, Parks, Gardens, Sports Fields, Tunnel Lighting
Na-De Elektronik San. & Tic. A.S is one of the leaders in the Home Lighting System and Intercom system in Turkey and has been manufacturing numerous types of automation and communication products with the greatest pride for the domestic and international markets since 70’s. Na-De has now reached to 47 years of experience in automation and communication sector by increasing its knowledge in technology and in quality every passing year. The company manufactures and markets motion sensors, led sensorlight, led downlight, timelag switches , door openers, door bells, bell button panels, bell transformers, fire alarm systems and video&audio; door phones.
LEDOVA Lighting is an OVA Group company that is specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of indoor and outdoor lighting products.and customer-oriented products are being developed and offered to the customers. During years 2017 and 2018, more than 550 projects were being illuminated by Ledova Lighting products.LEDOVA Lighting has been a stable, reliable and innovative brand of lighting industry with successful and ongoing projects. Our main goal is to achieve success in international big projects in terms of maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level. The Company has succeeded to become the rising star of the lighting sector in conjunction with its experiences in projects being realized as well as its R&D superb service apprehension. With its experienced and dynamic workforce in its own sustainable success for its breakthroughs in international areas with its continuously renewing technical infrastructure.
We are professional outdoor lighting manufacturer & exporter from Turkey (Ankara). I am mailing you to give a brief about our company. We export customized great solutions for both residential and urban areas with High Efficiency Constant Current drivers. We specialize effective and sustainable quality products to international markets. Besides we have objectives and principles to ensure "Reliable Products” manufacturing, as well as achieving good quality for all our products and processes using latest technology CNC machining centres, plastic extrusion machines, as well as high accuracy universal machine tools. (through software, engineering, physical tests and laboratory analysis)
Our activities started with the production of decorative lighting products in 1984, following a continuous improvement, and a well known brand name to the world level has been used in transport effort