Product description DomePie is a color changing point LED luminaire designed to create large-scale transparent display walls. DomePie can be used in decorative lighting applications, thanks to its polycarbonate diffuser structure provides a homogeneous irrespective of viewing angle. DomePie is produced in series with flexible flat cables. Cable lengths can be specified for the application. Thanks to its flexible and application-specific wiring, it can be easily installed to suit difficult application surfaces. With a brightness of 7.5 cd / dot and 1.2W, the DomePie offers mega-image system solutions that can also be seen in daylight. DomePie is controlled by single cable SPI protocol. Each luminaire forming the array is controlled separately. In case the DomePie luminaires in the array fail to provide signal continuity due to environmental or electrical effects, the control signal continuity is ensured thanks to the dual redundant data line technology and the system-wide operation continues to run smoothly. DomePie has IP67 dust and water protection mechanical housing and is manufactured from UV resistant materials. Thus, it can work without any problem in outdoor applications for many years. Flexible cable structure for easy installation on demanding surfaces Application-specific pixel pitch and array length Control via SPI protocol Control signal continuity through redundant data line Control with AIM-VDMX-Evo, AIM-FVID-Pro and other 3rd party controllers UV resistant polycarbonate housing Compliance with IP67 protection class for reliable outdoor use
  • DMX Dot LED


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